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This wiki page covers the discussion related to the scope of "Atmospheric Environment".

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On the scope of Atmospheric Environment

  • Disease Epidemiology - out of scope
  • Engine studies – reject all studies that measure emissions in laboratory environments (dynamometer studies). A car engine should also be inadmissible
  • Aerosol optic/transmittance papers - Cautious, should not publish so many. Need to see the scientific advancement Should relate to Aerosol properties or composition
  • Theory papers: We get 2 types of theory papers (1) model development with no validation; and (2) rate constant estimates. We reject (1) and should also reject (2) unless the estimate is for an important new and previously unmeasured chemical. There are specialized journals available for such studies.

Data acknowledgement

Authors choose whether to acknowledge or reference data used. Authorship question one for the authors to decide upon.

Comment: The term "accessible data" is ill-defined. Are we implying all raw data or only data published in the paper?

We do not ask this question from authors and have no way of validating their answer.

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