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This page describes Hysplit-Batch, a shareware application software for particle number size distributions. It was programmed with LabVIEW (National Instruments, Austin, USA), Version 8.5.


  • PC with LabVIEW 8.5 or the corresponding run-time engine.
  • Install the PC version of HYSPLIT into a directory C:\hysplit4\. Downloads are available at the NOAA website.
  • Download meteorological files into a specified folder. As an example, download GDAS meteorological archive into a folder C:\hysplit4\GDAS\. A sample name of such files is "gdas1.apr09.w1", in this case relating to the first week of April in 2009. Free meteorological files are available at the NOAA FTP server, for example.

Explanations of the LabVIEW program

  • Working Directory (Executable & CONTROL files). This could be C:\hysplit4\exec\, for example.
  • Meteorological files directory. This could be C:\hysplit4\gdas\, for example.
  • "Root name" specifies the prefix of the meteorological files, for example "gdas".
  • Output files directory. This could be C:\hysplit4\output\, for example.
  • Date information. Specify start and end of the period for which trajectories should be calculated.
  • Array of hours. You might wand to specify multiple times each day for which trajectories should be calculated.
  • "lat (°)" etc.: Specify longitude, latitude, starting height, and file code name for each starting location and/or height.
  • Unravelled file directory. This collects output files.
  • PS file directory. This collects postscript images.

Sample output

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