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Müller, T., A. Nowak, A. Wiedensohler, P. Sherdian, L. M., C. D.S., A. Marinoni, K. Imre, B. Henzing, J. C. Roger, S. Martins dos Santos, R. Wilhelm, Y. Q. Wang and G. de Leeuw (2009). Angular Illumination and Truncation of three Different Integrating Nephelometers: Implications for Empirical and Size-Based Corrections. Aerosol Sci. Techn. 43(6), 581-586.

Heintzenberg, J., A. Wiedensohler, T. M. Tuch, D. S. Covert, P. Sheridan, J. A. Ogren, J. Gras, R. Nessler, C. Kleefeld, N. Kalivitis, V. Aaltonen, R.-T. Wilhelm and M. Havlicek (2006). Intercomparisons and aerosol calibrations of 12 commercial integrating nephelometers of 3 manufacturers. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 23 (7), 902-914.

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