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Chacaltaya observatory is located in the Andes, at an altitude of 5220 m a.s.l. The observatory has gained worldwide recognition for the observations of cosmic rays since the 1940s.

Since 2012, Chacaltaya is also a station in the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) network.

The extreme altitude make the observatory predestined to measure atmospheric composition as representative for the south hemispheric background.

Chacaltaya observatory is operated by the Universidad Mayor San Andrés (UMSA), La Paz, Bolivia

However, there is considerable international cooperation with researchers from France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the USA.


Latin American and Caribbean Aerosol Measurements School (June 22-27, 2015)

Latin America and Caribbean young scientists and graduate students who are close to finishing their MS or PhDs are invited to apply for the LACAM School 2015. The main goal of the course is to improve the knowledge and skills in issues related to atmospheric measurements focusing on aerosols and black carbon.

Impressions of Chacaltaya observatory


Continuous measurements

  • Trace gases (CO2, CO, O3)
  • Aerosol particles (light scattering and absorption, particle number size distribution, chemical composition, hygroscopicity)
  • Solar radiation
  • Local meteorology


Chacaltaya GAW Station, Website by the Universidad Mayor San Andrés (UMSA).

Chacaltaya (5240 m) in Bolivia, TROPOS press release.

Wikipedia information on Chacaltaya.


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