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This page describes a data evaluation software for equivalent black carbon mass concentration measured by a commercial multi-angle absorption photometer. The software has been developed for the EU infrastructure framework ACTRIS and the EU-projects UltraSchwarz and UFIREG. The software has been developed for the purposes of air quality monitoring and scientific infrastructure networks.


Precedural steps

1) Technical validation and end validation of data from the multi-angle absorption photometer on a monthly basis

  • Automatic data flagging according to the diagnostic parameters (e.g., flow rates, temperature, relative humidity)
  • Automatic data flagging in case of maintenance work (optional)

Input file formats

TechVal+EndVal_MAAP processes ASCII data files produced by Multi-angle absorption photometer. TechVal+EndVal_MAAP requires TROPOS data acquisition and operating software, which can be downloaded from Multi-angle absorption photometer under "Operating software". The program calls the following data types:

  • *.MAAP - diagnostic parameters and measured equivalent black carbon mass concentration

Download Programs

TechVal+EndVal_MAAP (technical validation and end validation)

Application of this executable requires the installation of the LabVIEW 8.5 run time engine.

Download Documentation

The documentation of the program TechVal+EndVal_MAAP is included in the respective Zip-file. Separate documentation can be downloaded here:


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