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  • Niedermeier, N., Held, A., Müller, T., Heinold, B., Schepanski, K., Tegen, I., Kandler, K., Ebert, M., Weinbruch, S., Read, K., Lee, J., Fomba, K. W., Müller, K., Herrmann, H., Wiedensohler, A.: Mass deposition fluxes of Saharan mineral dust to the tropical northeast Atlantic Ocean: an intercomparison of methods. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 14, 2245-2266, 2014. Download from ACP
  • Müller, T., A. Schladitz, K. Kandler, A. Wiedensohler (2011). Spectral particle absorption coefficients, single scattering albedos, and imaginary parts of refractive indices from ground based in-situ measurements at Cape Verde Island during SAMUM-2. Tellus, 63B, 573–588.
  • Schladitz, A., T. Müller, A. Nowak, K. Kandler, K. Lieke, A. Massling, A. Wiedensohler (2011). In - situ aerosol characterization at Cape Verde. Part 1: Particle number 1 size distributions, hygroscopic growth and state of mixing of the marine and Saharan dust aerosol. Tellus, 63B, 531–548.
  • Schladitz, A., T. Müller, S. Nordmann, M. Tesche, S. Groß, V. Freudenthaler, J. Gasteiger, A. Wiedensohler (2011). In-situ aerosol characterization at Cape Verde Part 2: Parametrization of relative humidity- and wavelength-dependent aerosol optical properties. Tellus, 63B, 549–572.
  • Kaaden, N., A. Massling, A. Schladitz, T. Müller, K. Kandler, L. Schütz, B. Weinzierl, A. Petzold, M. Tesche, S. Leinert, A. Wiedensohler (2009). State of mixing, shape factor, number size distribution, and hygroscopic growth of the Saharan anthropogenic and mineral dust aerosol at Tinfou, Morocco. Tellus, 61B, 51-63.
  • Ansmann, A., A. Petzold, K. Kandler, I. Tegen, M. Wendisch, D. Müller, B. Weinzierl, T. Müller, J. Heintzenberg (2011). Saharan Mineral Dust Experiments SAMUM–1 and SAMUM–2: what have we learned? Tellus, 63B, 403-429.
  • Müller, T., A. Schladitz, A. Massling, N. Kaaden, A. Wiedensohler, K. Kandler (2009). Spectral absorption coefficients and imaginary parts of refractive indices of Saharan dust during SAMUM-1. Tellus, 61B, 79-95.
  • Schladitz, A., T. Müller, A. Massling, N. Kaaden, K. Kandler, A. Wiedensohler (2009). In situ measurements of optical properties at Tinfou (Morocco) during the Saharan Mineral Dust Experiment SAMUM 2006. Tellus, 61B, 64-78.
  • Wu, Z.J., Y.F. Cheng, M. Hu, B. Wehner, N. Sugimoto, A. Wiedensohler (2009). Dust events in Beijing, China (2004–2006): comparison of ground-based measurements with columnar integrated observations. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 9, 6915–6932. Download form ACP
  • Birmili, W. , K. Schepanski, A. Ansmann, G. Spindler, I. Tegen, B. Wehner, A. Nowak, E. Reimer, I. Mattis, K. Müller, E. Brüggemann, T. Gnauk, H. Herrmann, A. Wiedensohler, D. Althausen, A. Schladitz, T. Tuch, G. Löschau (2008). A case of extreme particulate matter concentrations over Central Europe caused by dust emitted over the southern Ukraine. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 8(4), 997-1016. Download from ACP
  • Bruckmann, P., W. Birmili, W. Straub, M. Pitz, D. Gladtke, U. Pfeffer, H. Hebbinghaus, S. Wurzler, A. Olschewski (2008). An outbreak of Saharan dust causing high PM10 levels north of the Alps (Hohe PM10-Konzentrationen nördlich der Alpen, hervorgerufen durch Ferntransport von Saharastaub). Gefahrstoffe Reinhaltung der Luft, 68(11/12), 490-498.

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