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  • Ma, N. and Birmili, W.: Estimating the contribution of photochemical particle formation to ultrafine particle number averages in an urban atmosphere, Sci. Tot. Environ., 512–513, 154-166, 2015. Open Access from STOTEN


  • Birmili, W., Rehn, J., Vogel, A., Boehlke, C., Weber, K., and Rasch, F.: Micro-scale variability of urban particle number and mass concentrations in Leipzig, Germany, Meteorolog. Z., 22, 155–165, 2013. Download from MetZ
  • Birmili, W., Tomsche, L., Sonntag, A., Opelt, C., Weinhold, K., Nordmann, S., Schmidt, W.: Variability of aerosol particles in the urban atmosphere of Dresden (Germany): Effects of spatial scale and particle size, Meteorolog. Z., 22, 195–211, 2013. Download from MetZ
  • Mølgaard, B., Birmili, W., Clifford, S., Massling, A., Eleftheriadis, K., Norman, M., Vratolis, S., Wehner, B., Corander, J., Hämeri, K., Hussein, T.: Evaluation of a statistical forecast model for size-fractionated urban particle number concentrations using data from five European cities. J. Aerosol Sci., 66, 96-110, 2013. Download from Science Direct
  • Nordmann, S., Birmili, W., Weinhold, K., Müller, K., Spindler, G., Wiedensohler, A.: Measurements of the mass absorption cross section of atmospheric soot particles using Raman spectroscopy. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 118, 12075–12085, doi:10.1002/2013JD020021, 2013. Download from Wiley Online Library
  • Rasch, F., Birmili, W., Weinhold, K., Nordmann, S., Sonntag, A., Spindler, G., Herrmann, H., Wiedensohler, A., Löschau, G.: Signifikante Minderung von Ruß und Anzahl ultrafeiner Partikel in Außenluft als Folge der Umweltzone in Leipzig (Significant reduction of ambient black carbon and particle number in Leipzig as a result of the low emission zone). Gefahrst. Reinh. Luft, 73(11/12): 483-489, 2013. Download PDF courtesy of SPRINGER-VDI-VERLAG
  • von Bismarck-Osten, C., Birmili, W., Ketzel, M., Massling, A., Petäjä, T., Weber, S.: Characterization of parameters influencing the spatio-temporal variability of urban particle number size distributions in four European cities. Atmos. Environ., 77, 415-429, 2013. Download from Science Direct
  • Engler, C., Birmili, W., Spindler, G., and Wiedensohler, A.: Analysis of exceedances in the daily PM10 mass concentration (50 μg m−3) at a roadside station in Leipzig, Germany, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 12, 10107-10123, 2012. Download from ACP
  • Gnauk, T., K. Müller, E. Brüggemann, W. Birmili, K. Weinhold, D. Pinxteren, G. Löschau, G. Spindler, H., Herrmann: A study to discriminate local, urban and regional source contributions to the particulate matter concentrations in the city of Dresden, Germany, J. Atmos. Chem., 68, 199-231, doi: 10.1007/s10874-012-9216-7, 2012.
  • Breitner, S., L. Liu, J. Cyrys, I. Brüske, U. Franck, U. Schlink, A. M. Leitte, O. Herbarth, A. Wiedensohler, B. Wehner, M. Hu, X.-C. Pan, H.-E. Wichmann and A. Peters (2011). Sub-micrometer particulate air pollution and cardiovascular mortality in Beijing, China. Sci. Total Environ., 409(24), 5196-5204.
  • Franck, U., S. Odeh, A. Wiedensohler, B. Wehner and O. Herbarth (2011). The effect of particle size on cardiovascular disorders — The smaller the worse. Sci. Total Environ., 409, 4217-4221.
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  • Wu, Z. J. , M. Hu, D. L. Yue, B. Wehner, A. Wiedensohler (2011). Evolution of particle number size distribution in an urban atmosphere during episodes of heavy pollution and new particle formation. Science China, 11, 1772–1778.
  • Birmili, W., K. Heinke, M. Pitz, J. Matschullat, A. Wiedensohler, J. Cyrys, H.-E. Wichmann, A. Peters: Particle number size distributions in urban air before and after volatilisation. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 10, 4643-4660, 2010. Download form ACP
  • Birmili, W., B. Alaviippola, D. Hinneburg, O. Knoth, T. Tuch, J. Borken-Kleefeld, A. Schacht (2009). Dispersion of traffic-related exhaust particles near the Berlin urban motorway: Estimation of fleet emission factors. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 9, 2355-2374. Download form ACP
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  • Wehner, B. , U. Uhrner, S. von Löwis, M. Zallinger, A. Wiedensohler (2009). Aerosol number size distributions within the exhaust plume of a diesel and a gasoline passenger car under on-road conditions and determination of emission factors. Atmos. Environ., 43, 1235-1245.
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  • Wiedensohler, A., Y. F. Cheng, A. Nowak, B. Wehner, P. Achtert, M. Berghof, W. Birmili, Z. J. Wu, M. Hu, T. Zhu, N. Takegawa, K. Kita, Y. Kondo, S. R. Lou, A. Hofzumahaus, F. Holland, A. Wahner, S. S. Gunthe, D. Rose, U. Pöschl (2009). Rapid aerosol particle growth and increase of Cloud Condensation Nucleus (CCN) activity by secondary aerosol formation and condensation: A case study for regional air pollution in North-Eastern China. J. Geophys. Res., 114, D00G08.
  • Yue, D.L., M. Hu, Z.J. Wu, Z. Wang, S. Guo, B. Wehner, A. Nowak, P. Achtert, A. Wiedensohler, J. Jung, Y. J. Kim, S. C. Liu (2009). Characteristics of aerosol size distributions and new particle formation in summer of mega-city Beijing, China. J. Geophys. Res., 114, D00G12.

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